Рита Дакота: «Почему я не умерла в родах?»
The singer told about her postpartum depression.

Rita Dakota with my daughter

Photo: Instagram

Life with the TV screen or the pages of social networking — not like really. It once again decided to prove to the fans Rita Dakota, which last year for the first time became a mother. If you look from the side, it can only envy: a great husband, successful career, good income, loving parents, healthy daughter… But not so simple, and Rita decided to talk about it.

“And here is how it really is. To say I was scared is to say nothing, — says Rita. — Heart jumps out of my chest and my fingers could barely get the letters on the screen. I basically prepared for any reactions that are going to tell you, not ready to just one — to keep quiet about it for one more day… I float, come what may. Can you blame me, throwing spears, to measure “whose life is harder”, unsubscribe and cry about it in the comments. But if my story helps at least one girl from my million — it is not in vain… recently, I finally emerged from the most terrible post-Natal depression in the world and this is the first I can talk about it openly and honestly, can you look at yourself and the situation from the outside, unable to breathe again. I always thought that depression is when you are in the mountain of pillows and blankets with a red nose, watching “Bridget Jones” and eat pistachio ice cream, and around mountains crumpled napkins. But no. Depression is when you live a happy, sincere smile, shoot vlogs here and sit yourself in Bali, next to a beautiful, healthy baby breathing in the crib, beloved husband out the window floating in the pool, alive and healthy mommy cleans the kitchen mango, you have money on the map, friends on the loungers listening to hip-hop, the Manager says that you have a fancy new contract, and you look at the sky and say, “Lord, why didn’t I die at birth? How I wish to die”… And in the next second, list everything that you have, and others have abandoned single mothers from the provinces there, see pictures of sick children about collecting money and I hate myself for this depression even stronger, and it’s a vicious circle. Now, when I managed to get out of this moral bottom and I see clearly each and every reason I want to share this story from the beginning. And ready to do this, no matter how difficult it was and how hard my heart pounded in my temples…”

Fans of Rita, on the contrary, thanked the singer for his honesty. In response, many began to share similar stories. Dakota has always openly talked about their problems, trying to show that real life has nothing to do with the “vanilla” that dominates among bloggers. During the week, Rita will detail to write about their thoughts and feelings and how she managed to get out of postpartum depression, which in our country, unfortunately, think it is not a disease, but “foolishness”.