Рианна улетела на Ибицу  с новым любовником
The singer lost his head from love.

Рианна улетела на Ибицу  с новым любовником


Photo: PA Images/TASS

Recently Rihanna flew
relax with her new boyfriend — Hassan Jamil. There they hope to hide from prying eyes. Rihanna and Jamil, apparently,
made this decision after the paparazzi managed to photograph them when they frolicked in the pool at
the territory of a private Villa, located in mainland Spain. This was reported by the website mns.com

Rapid affection of 29-year-old singer and her new
lover very intrigued by reporters — after all, Rihanna was not used
to put their personal life. Of course, all this did not happen on
a public beach, but she could guess that the paparazzi follow her
everywhere. The only explanation for her behavior is that she just
lost his head from love to a good trip… we will Remind that from-for Hassan, Rihanna already
had a fight with his girlfriend Naomi Campbell. The fact that Naomi
Jamil had met before, moved on to Rihanna. And Campbell took
Rihanna’s behavior as a betrayal.

Of course, Hassan — eligible candidate for a husband. First,
he is enormously rich. His fortune is estimated at billion dollars. And
Jamil family business occupies 12-e
place in the ranking of Forbes magazine
in this region. In addition, although Jamil is originally from Saudovskoy Arabia
he is not a conservative and certainly not
will make future wife to keep his face hidden, in accordance with the traditions. So Rihanna has a good chance, finally, to arrange his personal life.

Rihanna with a mysterious stranger

Photo: @hprtv Instagram