The star of the series “Deffchonki” struck a slender figure in lingerie

Звезда сериала «Деффчонки» поразила стройной фигурой в нижнем белье
Anastasia Denisova is incredibly thinner and prettier.

Anastasia Denisova

Anastasia Denisova
promised fans that definitely
you go on a diet and will take their figure, and the expectations of the fans it did not disappoint. Today
the actress has published on the page
social network picture at the bottom
linen, which caused jubilation among
subscribers microblog stars “Devchonok”.

However, the amount of throw
kilograms Anastasia decided to remain silent,
but happily talked about his
based diet the product
weight loss, caused in the 90-ies of the last
century a lot of noise.

“It’s time
to tell about my Breakfast, says
Denisov. — I start my day with
vegetable drink based on Aloe,
mix it with oatmeal-Apple drink,
so tasty, satisfying and healthier. This
mix allows you to support the work
the digestive system and stimulate
the process of digestion, promotes growth
and activity of beneficial microflora
intestines, and natural cleansing
body. A kind of detox right after
awakening. A little later, drink a cocktail
with the race called “Formula 1″.
It replaces a full meal, and
cooking takes only 2
minutes. It is not only delicious, but that very
it is important for losing weight: are rich in protein,
fiber and vitamin b complex”.

Recall, to say goodbye
with the extra pounds, the actress decided
in the early summer. The idea is to sit on a balanced
diet and exercise to actress came
on holiday in Greece.

“What I have
feminine shape and proportional
figure! — signed star “Devchonok”
your photo in a bathing suit. — I
like myself, it’s totally honest, and
in the last two years so much
bulk, that I deliberately sat
on a diet, not before it does. But
still need to look at yourself objectively:
in a swimsuit I didn’t look right, how could
. It’s time to become slim and
toned! In conjunction with a specialist
one of the leading centers for healthy
lifestyle we’ve compiled a schedule of
diet and training, adhering to
I can in a comfortable time adjust
figure! Generic prescription weight loss
does not exist, this process is influenced
so many factors that dizzy,
so I will stick to my
individual plan and slowly
to change food habits. Let’s see what
out!” Fans assured
actress that she is perfect,
but at the same time praised for Anastasia
the decision.