Рики Мартин не смог отличить Агутина от Лепса
The singer wants to be a mentor in the Russian version of the show “the Voice.

frame from the show “Evening Urgant”

Ricky Martin, who came recently to Moscow, took part in the recording of one of the editions of the show “Evening Urgant”, during which they found themselves in an awkward position. Ivan invited Latin American artist to pass a little quiz: blind to determine the artist of the song. He included records of compositions of the coaches show “the Voice”, and his task was to guess the picture of the author of the song. During sounding of songs of Leonid Agutin — “OLE OLE” Ricky confidently pointed to the portrait of Grigory Leps. However, noticing the reaction of the audience in the Studio audience, he quickly corrected himself and is still found among the images of the author of the song.

By the way, Martin himself is the mentor show “the Voice”, however, Australian version. By the way, as it turned out, Ricky would love to take one of the seats and in the domestic version of the program. But to solve one of the company gathered in the new season of the Russian jury of “the Voice” he could replace Martin could not think.

By the way, this year, Ricky had the honor to be one of the headlining is held in Sochi music festival “New Wave”. His speech, during which he performed his most famous songs, was warmly received by the public. In Russia, the author of the hit “Livin’ La Vida Loca” came along with his two sons, Matteo and Valentino. According to him, he always takes his kids on tour for a long time with them not to be separated.