Джима Керри обвинили в гибели его подруги
Against actor prosecutions.

Jim Carrey and Catriona white

Photo: instargam.com

As it became known, against Jim Kerry put forward a serious charge. Mark Burton — husband of Katrina white,
whom she had separated but not formally divorced, laid at Jim, who became her lover, guilty of death
girls. Burton sued the actor in a lawsuit, in which he stated that
Kerry supplied Catriona potent drugs, knowing about her depression and
past attempts of suicide. Mark claims that if Jim
not provided white medications, taking
she died, the girl would still be alive. After all, she herself was not
the possibility to get these medicines.

According to Burton, Kerry persuaded his
personal physician, that he prescribed potent drugs for Catriona on
false names. But it was on extremely dangerous drugs that most
White any doctor to prescribe would not dare. So, in the “cocktail” that killed
White, included, for example, narcotic analgesics oxycodone and Oxymorphone. In
his claim, Burton demanded compensation of moral damage and costs
the funeral of Katrina. This was announced by the Internet site people.com.

However, Kerry immediately answered
charges Brand. The actor said that he considers such actions attempt
extortion and shameless exploitation of its tragedy and a girl’s name,
whom he truly loved. Jim reported that although he could settle the case, he intends
to defend his good name in court. “The problems of the poor Catriona started
long before I met her. And there was no way to prevent
its a sad end…” — said Kerry in a statement.

However, many were surprised that Kerry
not denied Burton that
Catriona was buried at his own expense. After all, last year, when the body was white
buried, Jim hinted that the whole funeral ceremony was paid for personally

Recall that Karion white, which Kerry
met intermittently for three years, committed suicide in September last
year. Moreover, the girl committed suicide just a week after Jim
broke up with her. Moreover, she left a note that blamed Kerry in his