Уволилась телохранительница Меган Маркл

On the background of rumors about the quarrels in the Royal family, from Megan Markle officers leave. At this time, state workers Markle left bodyguard!

Bodyguard, whose name has not been disclosed for security reasons, worked with Megan for six months. Earlier the woman accompanied the Duchess on a tour of the countries of Australia and Oceania and made a lot of noise in the network. The former bodyguard is an inspector of Scotland Yard, and colleagues describe the woman as a high-class professional.

Credible reasons for dismissal are unknown, but some sources have reported disagreements with Megan. Royalty wants to be closer to the people, which greatly complicates the work of protection. Others have reported that the reason was the woman’s decision to leave the service.

This is the third dismissal for the third month. The second nearest assistant Markle 50-year-old Samantha Cohen had previously stepped down from his post. Leaves office assistant after the couple first son is born. 17 years old, Samantha was a Secretary for public relations in the family of Windsor, and is a key member of staff. Most Megan, it helped to learn the Royal etiquette at the insistence of Queen Elizabeth.

The Palace is now very restless. Meghan Markle not give rest to anyone, had an argument with Kate Middleton and servants. Discussing the recent developments which came from the closed doors of the Royal family and appeared on the network. Markle was brought to tears a pregnant Kate, and brothers she became “cold” to each other. These things will not pass unnoticed: Megan nickname monster!

“Monster Markle” — so called newly minted Duchess of Sussex in the Palace. Looks like Megan too accustomed to the role of royals and behaves very callous towards the employees and representatives of the Palace. Employees already got enough of the antics of Megan, that they do not hide their indignation from the press: “the Duchess wakes up when in California five in the morning” (circa p.m. London time. — Approx. ed.), writes the instructions and requires their performance”.

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