Какие звезды удалили родинки на лице?

Moles are growths on the skin that affect the appearance and can cause serious diseases. Many stars have moles on the body and face, and some melanocytic nevi become the highlight. To introduce you to some artists without moles unrealistic, which became an example Sarah Jessica Parker, Enrique Iglesias, Ewan McGregor, and Khloe Kardashian.

Some moles under the influence of certain factors can be reborn in melanoma, skin cancer. This happens due to prolonged exposure to the sun, especially during peak hours of the sun. Also affect the degeneration of moles in melanoma friction, damage, and genetic characteristics of a person. Therefore, some stars have decided to remove the mole.

Sarah Jessica Parker

The exact reason for the removal of the “famous” mole Sarah Jessica Parker is unknown, but doctors report that a special danger to the health of a mole on the face of the actress was carrying. The mole on the face has become the “hallmark” of the stars of the series and movies “Sex in the city”, but she deleted it not the least bit sparing.
The doctors said that these moles have a tendency with age to increase, which could cause removal of moles. The actress hallmark of the mole does not believe.

Enrique Iglesias

Spanish hunk on the contrary was very worried because of the warnings of doctors, who suspected some pathological changes in terms of its scenic image. After surgery, Enrique had been through. Pathological changes of moles can be such:

  • Change the color,
  • Resize
  • Changing form
  • Bleeding and others.

If you notice one of the symptoms, then be sure to see your doctor. Also to get rid of unwanted moles or other skin problems can be in the center of laser epilation “Lasmed Clinic” https://lasmed.ru/.

Ewan McGregor

In 2007, the doctors suspected the star of the movie “Star wars” and “Moulin Rouge” skin disease, which the actor had to remove a few moles on my face that have become his “calling cards.” After diagnosis, specialists have removed the mole and for good reason – one of them was cancerous.

Khloe Kardashian

Sister Kim Kardashian Chloe removes all freckles and moles on the body, after all, insanely afraid of skin cancer. Her fears are not without reason, because some moles can be cancerous as was the case with Ewan.
Chloe is so used to put their life on display on social networks, sharing videos directly from the office of the doctor which got rid of unwanted moles and freckles. Many moles were concentrated on the back of the stars, which she felt insecure. “Do I look like a Dalmatian” — said the star.

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