Место жительства Рокко Ричи определит американский суд

Alistair McDonald, judge of the Supreme court of the United Kingdom, has urged the U.S. singer Madonna and her husband Director guy Ritchie to a mutual decision regarding their son Rocco< /strong>. The servant of Themis advised both to hide away his ambitions and feelings and to involve the adolescent in years of litigation, causing him to be torn between two of my closest people and giving the decision on the residence of the son to the will of the American court.

Hearings have been held in the United States and in the UK. Madonna, an American citizen, he appealed to the court of great Britain and Northern Ireland, Recalling the Hague Convention can be fulfilled. About international child abduction. However, she later decided to close the case in London and focus on an American court. About the meeting and went to it.
“Your son will quickly grow up and be a man, and it will be a real tragedy, the loss of precious childhood. You pull him into years of litigation. Wouldn’t it be better to encourage your son’s growing up, finding support from their wise parents? I once again appeal to parents to a peaceful resolution of the situation,” said the judge.
Recall that the litigation began in December of last year, when Rocco refused to return home to her mother after a vacation in London. Then the U.S. Supreme court ruled that the teenager must return to the mother. So Christmas guy, power is delivered home, spent with his mother, but in a terrible mood. Right after the holidays he went to London, where he intends to build on soon. Has not been determined custody, Madonna and guy Ritchie have decided that Rocco remains and continued his studies in London.
Meanwhile, the parents of the young man made a list of about thirty items, relating to the education of his son. Some of them are still a stumbling block on the path to reconciliation singer and Director, but just a first step towards peace is made.

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