From the Kardashian sisters using the court require $180 million

От сестер Кардашьян через суд требуют $180 миллионов

While Kanye West deal with their own debts in the amount of 53 million dollars in debt risks also to be his wife Kim Kardashian.

Kim and her sisters, Chloe and Courtney, filed a lawsuit and require from the members of the famous clan of 180 million dollars for failure to comply with the terms of the contract.

The company Hillair Capital Management in our time has invested $ 10 million in the development and production of makeup from the Kardashian sisters, says that girls refuse to advertise cosmetics. Now the stars of the reality show have to answer for it.

The contract between the Kardashian sisters and Hillair Capital Management was concluded in 2012. Then Kim, Courtney and Chloe have teamed up with Boldface, to launch a line of cosmetics, but considering the conditions of the contract are disadvantageous for them, the girls began to look for investors that would help them to redeem in Boldface at Hillair Capital Management and thus, all the credit from the sale of cosmetics would belong to them.

In the lawsuit, which went to trial Monday, said that the investment the company is disappointed with the cooperation with Kardashian, and now wants to charge them $ 180 million not only for breach of contract, but for breach of the clause of good faith and fair business practices.

Members of the family so far, the prosecution has not responded.

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