Представители Марии Ароновой высказались о ее онкологическом заболевании Aides of the actress explained the situation and commented on the rumors that have spread in the Network. Some claimed that the actress was diagnosed with a serious disease. Maria Aronova regularly goes to the clinic for examination.
Представители Марии Ароновой высказались о ее онкологическом заболевании

Recently, the Network appeared information that the national actress of Russia Maria Aronova was diagnosed with a tumor. Under the assumptions, the doctors try to help a woman to overcome a serious illness. Several media outlets reported that the actress went to the clinic to get her treated. However, representatives Aronova have information that differs from information distributed in the Network.

“All the rumors about the illness of Mary lies. She’s all right,” said the assistants of the artist.

Now 45-year-old actress active in films and regularly goes on stage Vakhtangov theater. In movies she often gets a Comedy role. She has appeared in pictures like “the Tariff new year’s”, “waiting for the miracle”, and also became widely known thanks to the TV series “Strawberry”, “Soldiers” and “Eighties”.

Mariya Aronova has two children – a son from the first marriage of Vladislav gandrabura, who will soon turn 26 and 13-year-old daughter Seraphim. The actress is glad that her current choice have a rapport with the senior heir. A young man trained as an actor and also plays on the stage of the Vakhtangov theatre.

The actress was very nervous, as will the relations between beloved Eugene Fomin and her son. She understood that the woman is not easy. In such cases, either the children suffer from lack of attention, or the mother fails to establish privacy. However, Aronova on own example was convinced that she was lucky to meet a person who adopted an heir as his own.

Maria told me that a man older than her 15 years. She believes that only through him learned what it means to live a real family. The actress admitted that she has had romances that have ended solely by disappointment.

The man allowed the sweetheart to be creative, taking care of all domestic issues. Aronov glad that nothing prevents her to play in theatre and cinema, and now, as assured by representatives of the actress of journalists Days.ru, to its health threatens nothing.