Representatives Keith Harrington commented about the spin-off of Jon snow

Представители Кита Харингтона прокомментировали информацию о спин-оффе о Джоне Сноу

Alas, the rumors about the shooting of the spin-off about one of the most beloved characters of the series “Game of thrones” Jon snow turned out to be only someone’s bad joke.

Representative Keith Harrington, by his role as a bastard, denied the information about the shooting of a single film about snow. In HBO said that at this point in the development there are no prequels, sequels or spin-offs of “Game of thrones”.

We will remind, earlier the author of a cycle of novels “a Song of Ice and fire” by George R. R. Martin explained why he kills his characters:“the Truth is that all men must die, as we say in “Game of thrones”.

According to Martin, it is impossible to write about war and violence “without death”. “If you want to be honest, it should be reflected on your main characters”, he added.


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