Reported the birth of twins at Beyonce

Сообщается о появлении на свет близнецов у Бейонсе
Recently, the Network appeared information that the popular singer Beyonce gave birth to twins.

Сообщается о появлении на свет близнецов у Бейонсе

According to media reports, it happened at night on June 17. Beyonce decided to go to the hospital to prepare for childbirth.

“We are all people, – said the singer. – Even if you look perfect on magazine covers, even if you’re successful, it does not save you from sadness, resentment, heart wounds, anxiety and fear. To find a partner for fun and joy easily, much harder to find someone who will share with you the difficult times”.

Recall that the expectation of kids at Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z only became known in February of this year. Congratulations to new parents with such a happy event!

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