Рене Зеллвегер разрывается между двумя мужчинами In the movie “Bridget Jones 3” which is set for release on 15 September, the heroine is torn actress was in a similar situation. Husband-to-be star was jealous of the colleague that had seriously affected their relationship.

      Рене Зеллвегер разрывается между двумя мужчинами

      In the story of Bridget, who get pregnant, can not calculate who owes the happiness of late motherhood – the former fiance of Brand or new boyfriend Jack. Gentlemen have a few months to find out by competition who will be the best father for the baby Bridget.

      Ask Renee Zellweger the winner is useless, because for the sake of the intrigue was taken three finals. Some of them were included in the film, 47-year-old actress finds out together with the first audience in the world premiere. But while Renee was more worried about the real intrigue associated with the promotional trip to Australia in the company of Patrick Dempsey, the role of Jack. After all, for him it is winter almost broke up with musician Doyle Bramhall II, which is now going to marry. The situation in which Patrick will be so close, and Doyle is so far, could end up anything….

      The attention deficit

      All four years of the novel Renee and 47-year-old Doyle tried to avoid paparazzi, so their temporary separation of the public learned after the fact. For starters, it turned out that Bramhall Renee twice offered to legitimize the relationship, but both times they took the offer back when she asked him to sign a prenup.

      “Your actually an unemployed gentleman owed thousands of dollars his ex-wife, who left two children without means of livelihood, warned the actress to alert friends. – You don’t want to pay his debts?”
      Рене Зеллвегер разрывается между двумя мужчинами

      Renee, of course, had no intention to list alimony unfamiliar and unfriendly the woman who accidentally took her husband. But to suspect Doyle’s greed she didn’t want. Knowing him from early youth, which they both spent at Texas Austin, the actress believed that their long shared history – a solid Foundation for the absolute mutual trust. Until last winter it seemed that Renee is more likely right than not.

      “With Doyle, they were so happy living under one roof, even discussed the possibility to adopt a child, say friends of the couple. But when Renee decided to return to work, there were problems”.

      The difficulty was that Doyle was first asked to reckon with the crazy work schedule successful actress. He knew Zellweger before she was famous, and his second coming in her life coincided with a prolonged sabbatical.

      “She could give Doyle all the time in the world – continue to reveal the secrets of the people of the inner circle of the actress. – Spoiled by his attention, and taught us to think that he owns her personal Universe. And when she began to send the pile of scripts and she was again swept up in the world from one movie set to another, Doyle felt abandoned and deprived”.


      All became very bad when on the set of “Bridget Jones 3” in London, Rene suddenly got along pretty well with 50-year-old Patrick Dempsey, who coincidentally had just decided to divorce his wife Jillian Fink.

      “The first serious separation and so undermined the emotional bond with Renee Doyle – say friends of the actress. – It seemed that the spark was gone. And he began to torment her with jealousy, and she got mad. A hundred times explained that Dempsey is just a friend whom she is just trying to alleviate stress from the divorce. But after the shooting, Doyle found that Renee Patrick continue to communicate, despite the fact that the actor and his wife reconciled. This discovery it is not happy.”

      Close Renee always disliked and Doyle did not miss the chance to add fuel to the fire. He strongly hinted that Zellweger now he’s a burden and a dead weight, which she certainly does not want to drag in a second series of his Hollywood career.

      “After numerous quarrels and bickering Renee told Doyle that she needs a break from it and focus on the job – they gleefully told reporters. – But she was afraid to hurt him, so pretended that this is temporary”.

      Tropicalisimo however, contrary to predictions, the gap was indeed temporary. The prospect of losing each other cheered lovers, the sparks once again fell in different directions. In February of this year, the usually secretive Renee went so far as to publicly hugged Doyle on the escalator in the airport of Los Angeles and covered his face with kisses.

      Until the summer they do not make plans, afraid to startle newfound happiness. And in early July, the musician fell in front of an actress on one knee and made her the third sentence, on which Renee is rapidly agreed, not even zagnuvshis about a prenup. Obviously, for the time spent in the image of the indecisive Bridget, she came to the conclusion that we should not repeat the mistakes of the heroine.It is necessary to marry until name.

      “Hearing the confession of love, Renee began to cry, say her family. – It so they got the gossip about plastic surgery and unrecognizable face that she doubted herself. Doyle couldn’t pick a better time to offer Renee really needed something good and bright. Let’s hope she’s not wrong that this is a reasonable decision, not a moment of weakness, for which it will then have to pay. Incidentally, Doyle was also crying. Maybe this guy is not as bad as we thought.”