В семье певицы Зары появился очаровательный малыш The star now not two, but three boys. Singer Zara talks touching tiny pet named Charles. Fans of the singer and congratulate her on the new addition to the family and touched by a touching video featuring the little Spaniel.

      Famous singer Zara, who has two sons Daniel and Maxim, has decided to get another family member. To the delight of his heirs vocalist acquired an adorable puppy breed Spaniel. The kid has been thought out loud, even the king’s name is Charles. Zara has managed to meet their little fans. The singer published in the microblog funny video with Charles, which she presented to the public a new pet.

      “Well, the cavalier king Charles Spaniel, welcome to our family,” says behind the scenes of Zara in a gentle voice. You’re my good, friendly, friend our, well, sleep, sleep”. A short video with a cute Charlie starring touched the fans of the famous singer. They began to congratulate Zara with the completion and admire the beautiful tiny creature.

      “What a cutie! Widdle!”, “I congratulate you, Sarochka what a little miracle! Just lovely”, “What a cutie, such a sweetheart. Let Charlie faster is mastered and becomes a full member of the family”, “Sarochka, congratulations to you and your family with its new occupant. What a nice!”, “I also have a dog and name is also Charlie. We are only a year old and almost eight months. Dogs make the world a happier and kinder. All the best and, of course, for the first time patience. After all, puppies are like kids,” so leave comments in the microblog Zara her loyal fans.

      We will remind, not so long ago singer Zara suffered a personal tragedy. The star broke up with her husband and father of her two sons, businessman Sergey Ivanov. Singer Zara openly talked about the divorce with her husband

      Divorce Zara has canceled all summer concerts to spend more time with their children. Boys, experiencing the breakup of parents, is necessary constant attention and care of mom. And of course, Daniel and Maxim are very much needed positive emotions and it will give them the smallest member of the family Spaniel Charles. Playing with a tiny puppy and taking care of him, the heirs of the singer will get a lot of positive impressions that will do them only good.

      By the way, Pets are in many star families. Not long ago, your dog gave the children the famous singer Philip Kirkorov, doted in a small Spitz heirs Pavel Volya and Laysan Utyasheva, which the couple acquired in January of this year.