Ренат Давлетьяров отказывается помогать жене по дому The Director admits that the house he is not as active as on the set. Renat likes to be lazy and rarely helps wife Evgenia Malakhova in domestic matters. He recalls that immediately told the girl about this principle.

      Ренат Давлетьяров отказывается помогать жене по дому

      Renat Davletyarov and Eugene Malakhov married for two years. According to the couple, the secret to their happiness is that they have a lot of common interests. The Director and the actress they both love to read books, to watch good movies and to taste delicious. However, in everyday terms Malakhov and Davletyarov sometimes conflict. The actress says that her husband does not help around the house.

      Davletyarov admits that very lazy and absolutely hates to do something by compulsion. Renat never fix the Internet at home, do not screw in the light bulb and won’t even read the script, if necessary.

      “When we met, I immediately told my Wife what to do around the house nothing will. I’m not an electrician, not an expert on toilets. Many things I was taught as a child, but I have all this love to forget. Physical force I apply at the fitness club, and the opportunity to fix the faucet, take out the garbage leave that to the professionals. Thank God, can afford it,” says Davletyarov.

      According to Eugene, the home of Renata opened other abilities. He sings, plays guitar and piano. The Director graduated from music school, piano class. One time he even thought I would become a professional musician, but his love for movies was stronger. “I was the Director of the set, the assistant Director, Deputy Director pattern, the Director of Studio it was. To understand all we need, is a profession. It is important that I have an interest in it”, – said Renat in an interview with the magazine “OK!”.

      Recall that in June comes a new film Davletyarova “Pure art”, in which one of the roles played Zhenya Malakhova. In an exclusive interview with “StarHit” the actress told that at work Renat very strict, just so she doesn’t get the role. Zhenya Malakhova: “everybody knows Me as an actress, not as a wife Renata Davletyarova”

      “During the filming of “Pure art” was an unpleasant situation: the actress who was to play the main character, a few days before that broke his leg. And in no time, just two days, we had to find her a worthy replacement. Renat was faced with a choice, in the end, he took Anya Chipovskaya, but still looking for the actress, he said: “you Have Jack, get her for this role”. To this he replied: “No, it is not appropriate here. I did this character not see.” It honestly and correctly. We have nothing to pull. Where I go, I get it. On General grounds I pass the auditions,” explained Eugene.

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