Новый образ Натальи Орейро взбудоражил поклонников Photos Uruguayan actress and singer spread all over the Internet. Fans of Natalia Oreiro don’t stop to discuss the changes in appearance of the beloved artist. Someone approves of a bold experiment celebrity, and some people prefer the usual kind of the star of the series “Wild angel”.

      Новый образ Натальи Орейро взбудоражил поклонников

      The famous singer and actress Natalia Oreiro was at the peak of popularity in the 90-ies. After leaving the series “Wild angel” about the Uruguayan artist recognized throughout the world. Millions of fans wanted to be like a celebrity, copied her style and manners. Now the Uruguayan star is no less popular. Dedicated fans around the globe follow the life of beloved actress and notice everything that is happening with Natalia.

      Not so long ago a famous actress was surprised by all the new unexpected way. The singer and actress dramatically changed her style. The actress took a bold step and cut bangs. Fans were delighted by such a change in the appearance of adored Actresses. Not managed Oreiro photos to hit the net as many fans immediately began to discuss a new image of the actress and to do a repost of the picture.

      Natalia Oreiro are concerned about their aging

      “With all the other bangs”, “And I think what she was in for 20 years and now – nothing has changed. All the same – the best and cheerful. Super” – wrote followers.

      But there were those who did not come to like the way Oreiro. They felt that bangs the actress not only not talking but also aged her. “Something she lost a lot of weight. And bangs doesn’t suit her”, “I think that with bangs looks older”, – expressed his opinion of the discontented.

      However, the new image is not your own decision Natalia to change, but a necessary measure. Now preparing to release a new film with her participation, where she plays the legendary Argentinian singer, Gilda. The premiere of the movie “Gilda: I don’t regret this love” will be held on the seventh of September, the day exactly 20 years ago, a famous actress died tragically. Russian fans are looking forward to the release of the film in Russian. I wonder what songs Gilda and her image was present in the TV series “Wild angel”, which glorified Oreiro around the world.

      Oreiro it is recognized that long thought before to make a difficult decision. She worried for a role because of my deep respect for the memory of Gilda. Natalia believes that the way she made it very personal. However, the actress not only appears on the screen as the main character, but acted as one of the producers of the picture.

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