Обнародована расшифровка разговоров экипажа перед крушением Ан-148 в Подмосковье According to the dialogue, the cause of the tragedy. One of the pilots made a mistake, not including service receivers total pressure. The media published a detailed conversation of the pilots.

In early February, the an-148 aircraft on route No. 703 from Moscow to Orsk, crashed over Ramensky. During the investigation of the causes of the crash MAK (interstate Aviation Committee) found that a factor in the development of special situations in flight could be incorrect information on airspeed indicators on the pilots, which in turn was apparently due to icing of the receivers is full of pressure.

After investigation at the disposal of channel proved to be a transcript of one of partsamerica. Judging by the conversation, before the collision with the ground, the pilots were screaming at each other. The error that led to the collapse of the aircraft made the second pilot. According to some, in the preparation of the liner to the departure that he forgot to turn the heating system receivers total pressure, which they froze.

FAC (aircraft commander): Up! In-about-from.

VP (second pilot): we’ll see.

FAC: And you’re down.

VP: Well, kind of garbage!

KBC: No, well I understand you wanted it. And you’re way down.

VP: Okay, then will talk. I mean everything else. So, control all!

KVS: I’m good.

VP: All the speed is back to normal.

ALARM: Speed to compare the speed to compare.

VP: Yes, because what good ****th, 200 speed!

FAC: Height! Height! Height!

ALARM system: Terrain ahead! Pull up! Terrain ahead! (Ahead of earth! Need up!)

FAC: Up!

ALARM system: Terrain ahead! Pull up! Terrain ahead!

FAC: All…

As a result of the tragedy of Ramensky killed 71 people. The explosion that occurred on Board was such force that the wreckage was scattered over a vast area. At the scene gathered more than 11 thousand fragments of the bodies of those killed in the crash. They were delivered in Bureau is judicial-medical examination.

The results of the investigation one of the media managed to find out that the plane An-148 of “Saratov airlines”, which crashed should never have to climb into the sky. As reported by “Channel 78”, at the conclusion of the Commission of Federal air transport Agency said that the operator JSC “Saratov airlines” not able to safely conduct commercial air transport operations in accordance with the requirements of the Federal aviation regulations and conditions specified in operating approvals.