Дмитрий Маликов о сыне: «У него пока нет имени» The singer came to the Studio of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi. Dmitry told about a new-born heir. The actor admitted that after the appearance of the son he finally felt himself held by man.

In late January, Dmitry Malikov told the fans that he became a father for the second time. The artist with his wife Elena resorted to the services of a surrogate mother. It should make for a stellar family a healthy baby boy. In the Studio of “the Destiny of man” Dmitry talked about how the feeling felt when I first held the long-awaited heir.

“It’s a wonderful feeling of immense absolute happiness. When Stesha was born, I was 30 years old, had lots of plans ahead, but now calmer. I have time to focus on the main things. I always wanted a son, when you have a heir, you’re already a full-fledged man. I think Lena are good parents, we have good genes,” said Malikov.

According to Malikov, the kid is not similar to daughter Stephanie. The star of the heirs of different temperaments. “The daughter was so loud, but he does. Very quiet and peaceful,” said the singer. The artist shared that he did not want to disclose the secret of the long-awaited birth of an heir. Even the eldest daughter found out about her brother only after a series of publications in the media. For girls little one was a real surprise – just in time for 18 years. Parents Malikov also knew that will once again become grandparents.

“We have nothing to do what nobody wanted to say it was all to advertise… But it turned – out press”, – said Dmitry.

Musician and composer noted, that have not yet decided how to name an heir. It is suggested to choose the name of the heir in a live TV program.

“Listen to the suggestions of the audience… One of the options is Dmitry, but that is not my proposal to use my name. Will Dmitry Dmitrievich, beautiful. Or Yuri – in honor of our grandfather, even Fedor was the name of the great grandfather. Thought maybe Daniel, Dan… I wanted Alexander. Understand the man’s name must be the letter “R”. Yeah, like everything. But Lena’s dream about mark…” – said Malikov.