Relatives of Whitney Houston are going to exhume the bodies of the singer and her daughter

Родственники Уитни Хьюстон намерены добиться эксгумации тел певицы и ее дочери
They want to prove that both died as a result of deliberate murder.

Although since the death of Whitney Houston it’s been 4.5 years, her family still can not accept the verdict of the investigation
came to the conclusion that she died in the accident. More
a larger protest was a statement by the investigators that care from
life daughter Houston — Bobbi Kristina, who died in July last year — also no one

Ex-husband singer Bobby
Brown, his sister Leola, as well as Houston’s mother Cissy intend to prove that both women were killed. And all three point to one
suspect: nick Gordon, a graduate of Whitney and ex-boyfriend Bobby. The only way to prove the fact of murder to exhume bodies for the purpose
for the additional examination. About it reported the Internet-portal

Latest to the team
advocating for the exhumation, joined by former policeman and now a private
detective Paul Hebl. At the request of relatives of Whitney, he held a private
investigation, the results of which led him to the conclusion that both Whitney and
Bobby killed by Gordon.

Note that held in
this year the civil court has considered the circumstances of the case, came to the same
conclusion. The resolution says that Nick is responsible for the death
Bobby. But as it was only a civilian and not a criminal trial, the verdict did not lead to any punishment Gordon. But in order to begin
a criminal trial, where he acted as accused in the murder until

Meanwhile, fatal
similarities in the circumstances of the death of the two women who drowned in the bath, and what
both times nearby “purely coincidental” was it Nick, really alarming.
As, however, and the fact that the bodies were found numerous abrasions and
scratches, which can be regarded as signs of a struggle… However, the interrogating officers,
involved in the initial investigation of these cases, why do not gave these
evidence value…