Relatives of the murdered wife of actor Cordo-Sysoeva consider him guilty

Близкие убитой жены актера Кордо-Сысоева считают его виновным Actor accused of killing wife Natalia. Friends and family of Constantine Cordo-Sysoyev took part in the program to understand what could have happened on that fateful day. They also discussed what the relationships were in the family.


    Близкие убитой жены актера Кордо-Сысоева считают его виновным

    Famous actor Konstantin Cordo-Sysoev seven years he lived together with his wife Natalia. Once the family of the actor and the flight attendants went to the country, but back home I’m single. Neighbor at the cottage found the body of his wife. Suspicion fell on the husband of a young woman. In the Studio “live” gathered relatives and friends of the family, to discuss and to understand what could have happened to 36-year-old flight attendant.

    Now Cordo-Sysoev is under investigation. Friends of the artist don’t believe in what happened. Family understands that in such a perfect family could such a terrible accident.

    “I want to say that my son is innocent,” said the mother of a descent actor. She admitted that Natalia and Konstantin was madly in love with each other. The actor absolutely was not jealous of his chosen one, despite her beauty and work involve regular patrols around the world.

    Близкие убитой жены актера Кордо-Сысоева считают его виновным

    But then the Studio came the aunt of a murdered woman and made a statement that he believes his wife’s niece guilty. “The investigation is ongoing and the investigator said that 99% he is guilty”, – said Tatiana Tumanova.

    Близкие убитой жены актера Кордо-Сысоева считают его виновным

    For Konstantin this marriage with Natalia was fourth. Despite the fact that they lived together for seven years, they have had no children. A colleague of Natalia Ekaterina Filippova said that she loved her husband. She really wanted children, but said that there is no way – they with the spouse have large debts on loans. Moreover, it grows two children from previous marriages.

    On the program came the first wife of the artist. They married when he was 21 years old, and have lived together for four years. But after the son was born, Constantine left the mother of your child. Actor cameo appearances not communicated with the heir and did not pay child support.

    Близкие убитой жены актера Кордо-Сысоева считают его виновным

    Moreover, the audience in the Studio pointed out the strangeness of the behavior of Constantine in that day. He returned to the city one, saying that Natalia was very tired and decided to sleep in the summer house. But I assure you friends, they never stayed more than one day on the site.

    Colleagues of the actor said that Constantine lived at the expense of his four wives. According to friends, Konstantin and Natalia traveled at the expense of the spouse.

    “This man is arrogant and very conceited – spoke about the actor, his colleague Oleksandr Khorolsky. – He has spent his career”.

    The brother of a young woman Igor Kormilin said that he has suspicions towards Constantine. He remembered that the apartment where the family lived, bought Natalya’s parents. The brother told his sister she repaid the debt on the loan itself. And then my mother told flight attendants her son, that she turned to him with a question that parents rewrote the apartment on her. My husband allegedly pushed her for this reason. This is what is alarming Igor.

    Also brother Natalia told me that she told my mother that promised to leave her husband, if does not change position relative to birth children.

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