Близкие Эммануила Виторгана раскрыли, на кого похожа его новорожденная дочь Feliks Carikati argues that a new father is on the seventh heaven from happiness. Emmanuel Vitorgan was waiting for the baby to light, which is already at such a young age is incredibly similar to the mother.

26 Feb 2018 Emmanuel Vitorgan again became a father. “StarHit” first reported about the joyous event in the family of the artist. The man and his wife Irene Mlodik a daughter, called Ethel. New Pope admitted that long dreamed about the appearance of the heiress, but my wife had to first improve their health.

While Vitorgan and his girlfriend did not show the baby, despite the huge interest from fans. However, recently a family friend Feliks Carikati revealed, who looks like the newborn is the actor’s daughter. According to the man, the girl is a replica of his mother.

“I still only saw photos. The Irish girl is more like it. Dark hair, pretty face, chubby cheeks. Krupenka baby, don’t even say that she is only 7 days. Irisha argued with me: “Daughter — the spitting image of Ammachi”. She believes that the girl is remarkably similar to the father,” – said Carikati.

Now the star couple devotes all free time to her daughter. Irina Mlodik admitted that her husband loves children. Vitorgan gets great pleasure from games with grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Emmanuel gedeonovich believes that the house should always sound of children’s laughter.

According to Felix Carikati, Vitorgan would be an incredibly caring father. He is very happy for replenishment in the family. Now he tries to spend all free time at home, taking care of the baby.

“I used to think that Emanuel Gedeonovich the birth of another child would not be a huge event, after all, he already has great-grandchildren. I was wrong. So big daddy and so happy! I thought that the Ira would be happier. And Irina, I think, yet fully understands that she had in life. Emmanuel gedeonovich just fly from happiness. He loves this baby. All the time hurry Irina: “Irisha, went home, waiting for us Mija!” According to my observations, in the first place Ammachi to daughter run. They, of course, there’s the nanny that helps them to look after the child. They nurse every ten to fifteen minutes talk on the phone,” shared Carikati.

Recall that Emmanuel Vitorgan Irina Mlodik not advertise the imminent addition to the family. They often attend social events, but did not comment joyful event. After the news became public, the wife of the actor said that she gave birth to a baby.

Fans do not get tired marvel at the courage of the star couple. They hope that Emmanuel gedeonovich can not only enjoy the pleasures of communicating with a baby, but still he holds his daughter to school and then to College.

Dealing with “KP” Feliks Carikati noted that the star’s parents often go to visit friends, but try not to leave home. Now all the thoughts and dreams of new parents associated with newborn Ethel.