Regina todorenko starts a new life in America

Регина Тодоренко начинает новую жизнь в Америке The presenter, who left the team of the project”heads and tails”, performed one of his cherished desires. Some time ago, Regina todorenko went to America to begin studies at the local University. She is planning to write scripts and make movies.
Регина Тодоренко начинает новую жизнь в Америке

Now 27-year-old TV presenter Regina todorenko is in America. Instagram girls regularly appear bright frames made in another country. As it turned out, the TV star decided to head to go to school: she enrolled at the faculty of film directing at new York film Academy.

According to Regina, because of the long flight she was late for the first day of school and missed an important orientation session and talked about the program.

“My studies began with screenwriting. I have a bit of a strange teacher, but he is so creative, so fascinating talks on the subject that I want to create and write brilliant scripts under his leadership. So I wrote his first script, he dedicated to the first date. Praised me the teacher said it was a good idea” – shared TV presenter.
Регина Тодоренко начинает новую жизнь в Америке

While studying Todorenko have to shoot four short films. Besides directing films, fundamentals of editing, camerawork and acting, students also study the production of movies.

“Classes in the Academy are held every day for 10-12 hours. I was very lucky with the teachers. They try quite accessible and in plain language explain the work of the Director on set, what are the tasks and responsibilities, working as a producer, what he does, where does the money for the film. Within days we start shooting the first pieces of the future of film,” said the girl.
Регина Тодоренко начинает новую жизнь в Америке

We will remind that on 30 November, Regina todorenko has announced his departure from the show about travel “heads and tails” after four years of work. Leading wrote a letter in which he told about the reasons for his action and thanked viewers and colleagues. According to Regina, constant travel to other countries was a challenge and a test of strength.

Регина Тодоренко начинает новую жизнь в Америке“Every time the shooting ended, the new season, and I was back home, I thought about that, maybe it’s time to stop, that I might take someone else’s place and it’s time for me to develop further. But every time reviewing unreleased video, my eyes were dimmed with tears, and the soul was torn in a new journey,” said the leader.

In its Frank treatment of Regina has admitted that for several years in the popular program she was rarely home. “I have not seen my nephew grow up, have not seen how old my parents are. I missed so many birthdays of family and close friends,” – said the star.

Sharing his future plans, Regina has told that would like to study at the American Academy and run your own show. So fans Todorenko was not surprised when she went to Los Angeles.