Регина Тодоренко «перезагрузилась» на Бали
Teleputeshestviya admitted that she was born again.

Regina Todorenko

Photo: personal archive presenter

Todorenko returned from a trip to the island Paradise of Bali and admitted that
feels born again. TV presenter shared with his fans
unique expertise it has acquired on the other side of the Earth.

“I want you to talk a little bit about your retreat in Bali (retreat
time devoted to spiritual practices — approx. 7days.ru).
— When I was travelling, went with the idea about Vipassana, I wanted to disconnect from the outside world, be yourself and be silent for a couple of days, said Regina. In the confusion in which I live, is no peace, no balance, but sometimes we need to be tete-a-tete with you! Each of us finds its outlet in something: someone watching TV, someone reads books, and someone just asleep, restoring their strength. I haven’t had such a discharge, just to do nothing and to get up without an alarm clock. “Doing nothing” is also about action! At such moments, the body agrees with itself and is restored.

So the retreat: friends brought me in the middle of
nowhere to mount Batukaru (around the rainforest, monkeys , insects and we are 2 people). My teacher was Aliya. We held the meditation, all sorts of women’s practices, ecstatic dance (I was moving like a crazy person with my eyes closed, but I liked it — it’s a great release of negative emotions), yoga and even managed to make Ikigai.

I also wrote songs, sang , smeared paints on the canvas, crying , laughing, silent, tearing a carrot in a tropical garden, eating the most delicious and nutritious meals on the ground without meat and seafood(although I am a lover of seafood, Argentinian steak). And it was easy for me. After such discharge-charge-man walks on the earth, and flies. I wish you all to be healthy. All information is stored in the brain, often format your hard drive or at least refresh your mind!”