Fans discuss the third pregnancy Ksenia Borodina

Поклонники обсуждают третью беременность Ксении Бородиной
Surrounded by the presenter say that she was again expecting a child.

Ksenia Borodina with her husband Kurban Omarov

Photo: Instagram

34-year-old Ksenia Borodina, whose life is
often seen more interesting than the stories of the inhabitants of the “House-2” again tossed the fans
wood on the fire with rumors. After analyzing several images published in Instagram presenter,
they saw her rounded tummy. And let the Xenia are rounded,
as a rule, only the eyes surprise, the fans are sure in a few months
Borodin again will become a mother.

To answer the questions, “Oh, really?” and “When?” —
not in the rules of the stars “House-2”. But this time, when the subscribers to its microblog
it will come up with the name of the future baby, she not only keeps silent defense.
It not only comes with fans in Facebook, but became a
to slowly disappear from the airwaves…

Many have noticed that in recent months
Borodin significantly less often than other leading famous reality show appears on
screen: and, in the midst of Xenia is well known that she is “a fighter with the experience,” and
just like that, without cause, from their homes will not go away. However,
judging by microblog TV stars, all my free time, which was
surprisingly a lot, she spends at home or outdoors in the company of her husband Kurban
Omarova and beloved daughters of Mary, and Thea.