Regina todorenko opened a personal secret

Регина Тодоренко открыла личную тайну The singer has shared her most intimate thoughts with fans. Regina todorenko presented their new album, which includes songs written by her for quite a long time. The actress has long feared that audiences would not accept her work.

Fans of the singer and TV presenter Regina Todorenko been dying waiting for his solo album of the artist. According to celebrity, this album became a kind of summary of what happened in her life during the world tour. The collection includes beloved by the listeners of the hits and brand new songs that Regina was composed in airplanes and airports around the world in moments of happiness and loneliness. But for a long time Todorenko afraid to show their songs, because they touch on very personal experiences.

“This album is all me. This is all that happened to me in 26 years of life, that I was holding in for a very long time, something that could not let go, could not show because he was afraid that he wouldn’t take the listener will not accept the viewer, says Regina. – Accumulated a certain experience in life during the travel, I want to present this album as a result. Most of the songs in the album fun and dance, they fully displayed the way I am actually – people living life with positivity, happiness and joy. And even in my sad songs, which the album has only two, the sadness is light and easy. To sing a lyrical song is not difficult, but to have fun and truly enjoy life, not everyone can. I want to make people happy”.
Регина Тодоренко открыла личную тайну

Today she presented the video of “Fire”, which was filmed for the title track of her album. Fans have already appreciated the new video, which lasted more than 28 hours in sub-zero temperatures. “It’s very emotional, cheerful, energetic clip, – said Regina. – This video is about a dream. Its heroine is an ordinary girl who lives in the village and wants to learn to dance. It is sort of a Cinderella, whose dream one day comes true. I want the story we wanted to tell in this clip, became for many an example of what all you want, all your wishes they will come true”.