Регина Тодоренко едва не погибла от извержения вулкана

Dangerous job at presenter Regina Todorenko. A brave girl who is with the program “heads and tails” has traveled all over the world, almost died from the eruption of the volcano.

Mishap almost happened on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. The story of Regina went to the crater of the volcano Sinabung, but suddenly for the crew (and the locals) the eruption began. In the end, Todorenko almost suffocated from poisonous gas, which is released during the eruption.
Until the volcano slept more than four hundred years, but since 2010 the volcano from time to time showing some activity. For many years residents in the surrounding villages were killed by the gas emitted by the volcano. Sometimes whole villages became depopulated, which still scare the tourists with no residents. It would have to stop Regina, but no – brave girl decided to look death in the eye.
“When my team decided to go to the volcano, it didn’t show any signs of life. A seemingly ordinary mountain. There were no ashes, no smoke, no erupting lava. We entered the dense jungle and began to Wade through them, because there are no trails, it’s not the most popular place on the island and tourists come only to take pictures from afar.
We wanted to reach as high as possible to see cracks in the earth where lava bubbles. Not reaching the middle, we turned around and went back. And at this time when we went near the volcano, it began erupting! From the volcano erupted a pillar of ash, smoke, gas, flew some lumps! The locals shouted to us that the urgent need to leave, that this place is cursed and very dangerous. Later they told us that a few weeks before our arrival on the slopes of the volcano killed 17 tourists, suffocated from toxic gas. If we even slightly hesitated and remained there, most would have expected us,” said Regina. Fortunately, none of the crew was hurt and they all returned m Medan to continue filming.