Kanye West demands that Kim withered with plastic surgery

Канье Уэст требует, чтобы Ким завяла с пластической хирургией

It is obvious to all that the body and the appearance of Kim Kardashian is not the merit of nature, and the work of plastic surgeons. Moreover, repeated. Kim is committed to excellence and willing to go to great lengths to achieve it. But her husband Kanye West are not satisfied with the partiality of a wife to plastic surgery and thinks she should stop before it’s too late.

As the informants from the environment of the artist, he is seriously worried about what the Kardashians are ruining their health for questionable purposes.

Kanye argument in this case is the untimely death of his mother Donna West. The woman died 10 years ago at the age of 58 from heart problems, which, according to West, provoked her plastic surgery (don was doing breast augmentation and liposuction), more anesthesia, which is done by such manipulations.

Of course, West doesn’t want a horrible story repeated itself with his wife. And I must say, many fans of Mrs. Kardashian-West is in solidarity with her husband. And concern not only the possible health problems of an idol.

Friends of the family claim that Kanye even made Kim an ultimatum: if Kardashian doesn’t listen to his opinion and puts it at the head of all your desires and appearance, he with her divorce.

How it will be convincing to Kim, we learn later.