Рэпер Тайга устал быть в тени Кайли Дженнер

Each has its own story and its own truth. Rapper Taiga, the former boyfriend of a member of the reality show “living with the Kardashian” Kylie Jenner said in an interview with BigBoy TV about his relationship with the star. The young man says that is tired of being in the shadow of his girlfriend and in their relationship overlapped his musical career.

“When you’re in such a very public relationship, people find it difficult to see you as someone else. This novel has eclipsed my creativity, nobody was interested in my music, all spoke only about our relationship with Kylie. I worked really hard to reach their full potential, and I was hurt that I only see the boyfriend of Kylie Jenner” — said the rapper.
26-year-old Taiga and 18-year-old reality star broke up in may after several attempts of reunification. The contractor says that they parted friends, and the rumors about their animosity – just look at the rumors, fueled media.
“We have reached a point of mutual respect, something just went wrong. We tried several times to save my relationship, but at some point I realized that our separation will happen sooner or later, all our efforts are ultimately in vain — open up the rapper.
Since the breakup Cali several times seen in the company of rapper PartyNextDoor, and Taiga came out with the model LEMI rose. By the way, in the company of the latter, he arrived at the Cannes film festival. Meanwhile, Taiga hasn’t given up hope that they will still be together.
“Maybe once we’ll have together. She is too young and when you are young you make a lot of mistakes. Just when all these mistakes happen in the public eye, it is very difficult to keep the relationship. Now I have to concentrate on what needs to come back to himself. In the same way as it is, I think,” said Taiga.

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