Рэпер Серега обнажился перед камерой Singer of the hit “Black Boomer” rejected all complexes. Rapper Serega has published in his microblog an excerpt from a new video in which he appears completely naked in bed with a lady.

      Singer of the hit “Black Bumer” by Serega now serves under a new pseudonym – Poligraf ШарикOFF. Metamorphosis occurred not only with name but also with the appearance of the singer. Many fans still can’t get used to the fact that the actor has changed beyond recognition. In brutal broad-shouldered man is hard to find a guy who was rapping about the popular German car brand. Sergei Parkhomenko changed due to the fact that he became actively involved with sports and even opened her own business associated with a healthy lifestyle.

      Rapper Serega has changed beyond recognition

      In addition, Serge in a new way of Polygraph rejected all complexes. The singer has shot a new video for the song “Just sex”. The name speaks for itself, but in the video Sergei appears not windy ladies ‘ man, and a man with serious intentions. Video of Parkhomenko published on his page in Instagram. In the video he lies on the bed completely naked. Beside him sleeping lady. Needless to say that fans of the singer delighted his new video.

      Video published polygraph ШарикOFF (@poligrafofficial) Jun 2016 1 18:56 PDT

      Meanwhile, official heart earrings is not occupied by anyone. If the rapper is a romantic relationship, then he does not advertise. We only know that the contractor went through a difficult breakup with the mother of his sons Mark and Plato. It is not excluded that the cause of the break with his wife was complicated nature of the contractor. Sergey argues that the relationship did not work out due to mutual misunderstandings.

      “They were used to each other, tried to get along, but then I realized that we are different people, and now live not just in separate houses in different countries. With children I see regularly but not as often as I would like. They are comfortable to live with her mother in Kiev, and my whole life is concentrated in Moscow”, – says Parkhomenko.

      We will remind, Sergey has been living in the capital and actively promoting its own system of weight loss. The rapper promises to transform the bodies of all those wishing for 99 hours of sports. Individual training program, body massage, daily delivery of the daily diet and, of course, sessions with a trainer, should help all those who want to be transformed also, as happened with the earrings. One of the star clients of the rapper is the singer Valeria. She has published on his page in Instagram the how does the program Serega with a personal trainer.

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