Рэпер Баста высказался о скандале с молодой артисткой Musician Vasily Vakulenko has denied the information about hacking social networking colleagues. Earlier it became known that the 27-year-old actress Murasca Uranova left hip-hop label “gas Tank”. The girl reported that her account was hacked. Basta commented on the situation.

      A few days ago it became known that Murasca Ushanov known as the singer Tati, left the company “gas Tank” and accused the hip-hop label in hacking their social media accounts. On the page of a friend of the singer there was a post in which the star herself claimed that the page was hacked “their”, that is former colleagues.

      Label owner Basil Vakulenko noted that they have no relationship to this fraud. According to the rapper, he learned of the decision Tati to leave the company of her “Instagram”. Beforehand the girl didn’t say anything about that he plans to leave the team.

      “Her message on Instagram appeared suddenly. I’m on such statements react calmly. This happens often when the actor misbehaved, says he’s leaving, and the next day calms down. But I am very hard to survive this situation. All know how we treated her, with some trepidation, aspiration and care,” said Vakulenko.

      The rapper noted that the “gas Tank” no need to break the social network and to learn about something new. Basil does not see the logic in the actions of the singer. “If the page is hacked, then return them will not be easy. A call to the administration of the social network. Moreover, it is verified the user,” explained the owner of the label.

      Some time later, the thieves in the network “Vkontakte” there was a statement from the creative Association “Gasometer”, which States that employees are happy that the girl begins to develop yourself as an artist. However, the singer should expect difficulties. It will have to obtain a special license in order to perform their song, written by colleagues on the “gas Tank”.

      “The whole repertoire of the singer Tati, included in her solo album, written by Vakulenko V. M. and Karpenko V. V., rights in works are controlled by THE “gas Tank”, which means that the public performance of the aforementioned works, without obtaining the proper license is a violation of the law”, – stated in the post.

      As admitted Vakulenko life.ru the label can’t go out with her to the relationship. He noted that there was some kind of emotional confusion. According to him, the team, the Tachi evolved as a performer and become more popular. In this case, he sees two choices: either to deal with the with the Tachi situation, or to say goodbye to the singer.