Hurry to gain slim body in the project “lose Weight with StarHit “

Спешите обрести стройное тело в проекте «Худеем со «СтарХитом» Fill out the form on the website and change your life. Team “StarHit” headed by Andrey Malakhov will take away those who are determined to fight obesity and expects to win.

      Спешите обрести стройное тело в проекте «Худеем со «СтарХитом»

      This part of the “lose Weight with StarHit” anniversary, so special. We have prepared for you, dear readers, a brand new format! Note: the number of participants doubled for the first time in the history of the project to compete will be two teams, their captains champion fitness bikini, guru of healthy lifestyle and simple beauty. Girls don’t know what the work on oneself: one dropped 30 pounds, the other 12. Want to get into the team and get in shape in the company of stars and under the care of the best nutritionists, trainers and SPA experts?

      All participants were satisfied with the results. Fill out the form here before September 26. Be sure to check all of the boxes. The editors of the “StarHit” headed by Andrey Malakhov will choose the participants of the new season of project and publish their stories on 3 October.

      AS IT WAS

      In the sixth season of the project “lose Weight with StarHit” in spring 2014 body by the summer preparing actress Evelina Bledans and Vera Sotnikova, singer Lubov Uspenskaya and Muscovite Ksenia Frolova. Won for the first time reader, it faster than anyone came to a goal, chipped in 15 kg and was weighing 70 kg. she used to proper diet and morning exercises. In addition, she had a good support group – mother, daughter, friend. For example, if they were together in a cafe, ordered only healthy food, no sweets, and thepresence, so She didn’t. In second place was Evelina Bledans, which got rid of 5 kg they remained after the birth of her son. “Most of all I missed the bread,” said the actress. Especially if someone from home brought to the kitchen the baton”.

      Lubov Uspenskaya and Vera Sotnikova nearly reached their goals. But both were pleased with the changes. Love got into the outfits that some years lay dormant in a cupboard. And Faith began to take yoga Mat even for the shooting. “Let it lie on the ground and recalls that it should, Faith!” – said Sotnikov. Busy working schedule is not a reason to run itself.

      Become a part of a large project. Send your application by filling in the form on the website and change your life.