“Ranetki” 10 years later: a failed marriage, illness and techniques of psychics

«Ранетки» 10 лет спустя: неудачные браки, болезнь и приемы у экстрасенсов “StarHit” learned how to live now participating in the once popular girl group.

    «Ранетки» 10 лет спустя: неудачные браки, болезнь и приемы у экстрасенсов

    Once they were extremely popular: his series on the channel STS, concerts throughout Russia girls even lit the opening act for Britney Spears. Group “Ranetki” appeared on 10 August 2005, and broke up three years ago. According to rumors, at the peak of popularity fees team for one performance exceeded 200 thousand roubles. Copyright still belongs to the producer of the group Sergey Melnichenko, former soloist of the don’t get a penny. Deprived of money and success, the girls had built a new life. It cost them was – learned “StarHit”.

    «Ранетки» 10 лет спустя: неудачные браки, болезнь и приемы у экстрасенсов


    With her second husband, 23-year-old Vladimir Belinis, 25-year-old Anya Rudnev met for a long time – he helped her to record vocals. “We worked together for about two years, he was nice to me – says “StarHit” Anya. Our previous marriages were unsuccessful, but the important thing is that we found each other and happy! On 30 April this year we got married, celebrated with the people we love in a country house parents. The dress I sewed to order, since I was at a decent time of pregnancy. Due to give birth in mid-August”. The singer has a daughter, Sonia, from her marriage with Paul Serdyuk, actor of the TV series “My fair nanny”. Despite the fact that I broke up Anna and Paul quite a difficult conflict for the most part because of life and parents, now ex-spouses communicate normally. “We just got divorced this year, although left back in 2013. Now Pasha often takes Sonya to herself, loves her very much”. To earn a living Rudneva helps the family business: “Dima co-owners of a recording Studio and media school Studio180 where give lessons on the guitar and vocals. And try yourself as a jewelry designer under the brand byAnnRudneva”.

    «Ранетки» 10 лет спустя: неудачные браки, болезнь и приемы у экстрасенсов


    25-year-old keyboardist Eugene Ogurtsova, girl-punk, too, will soon marry a second time. With the first husband, the musician Paul Averin, she lived for three years. “Divorced, on my initiative, – shares with “StarHit” the artist. – No sense of speech is not going – we were just friends”. A year ago, at a concert of the singer of the group “Cockroaches” Dmitry Spirin, “ranetka” met the designer Anatoliy Romanovym. “Roofing does all my posters and working on my site – I have a punk band “Red”, – says Zhenya. Few days ago, will carry a statement to the Registrar. Want to sign 4 October – the day we met”. For 29-year-old men as for the son, this marriage will be the second. The couple plans to do without the lavish celebrations to mark the event in a narrow range. “You feel like a real girl – Roofing is on me! Soon we plan to have children”.

    Former member of the group “Ranetki” gave birth to a son

    «Ранетки» 10 лет спустя: неудачные браки, болезнь и приемы у экстрасенсов


    The bass player, 26-year-old Lena Tretyakova, in addition to music for several years engaged in Kundalini yoga. However, it is recognized that I would never have come this far if not for the disease. “Three years ago I felt the first time that it’s hard for me to breathe, – says Lena. – A pressure under 160, I found out that hypertensive crisis”. Lena turned to her sister, who for many years engaged in alternative medicine. “The first thing she said to me – “yoga” – continues Tretyakov. In four months of daily sessions, I not only lost 10 kg, but forgot about the problems with the pressure.” Artist and became a guru conducts classes in Kundalini yoga in Moscow, organizes master classes in other cities. Plans Tretyakova and opening his own Studio.

    «Ранетки» 10 лет спустя: неудачные браки, болезнь и приемы у экстрасенсов


    The biggest scandal in the “Rennet” is the singing drummer Lera Kozlova. According to the girl, producer Sergey Milnichenko was unrequited in love with her. After learning that Leroy chose another, dismissed her from the group. Kozlov tried to start a solo career, he moved to Kiev to her boyfriend’s party Quest Pistols Nikita Gorucu, went to the courses of flower arranging, making decorations, but I couldn’t understand what she needs. They parted, and Valerie returned to Moscow. “I was sure I’d never sing, says 27-year-old Lera. – Went to Church and asked God to help me understand where to go. Shared problems with the hairdresser Arina… And later she introduced me to Vasya from 5staFamily. He called and asked me to become part of a team. Once again my life consists of performances, the filming and I am so happy!”

    «Ранетки» 10 лет спустя: неудачные браки, болезнь и приемы у экстрасенсов


    Producer Sergey Milnichenko married the guitarist Natasha Shchelkovo, they have two daughters: 3-year-old Story and 2-year-old Willow, who like two peas similar to the father. The family lives outside the city with them – the daughter of Melnichenko from a previous marriage, Dawn. The house has a recording Studio. “James makes arrangements to order and working on television projects, – says the “StarHit” godfather daughters, Melnichenko Sergey Krylov. – Not so long ago, he created a group of “Powder” which involved and Dawn. Total there are 4 girls singing in Japanese. By the way, now they are on the road.” 25-year-old Natasha not far behind the 49-year-old husband. “Over the years, she succeeded in mounting, says a family friend Dmitry Panov. – Attending in “Ostankino”. Recently did a video on one of my songs – it turned out great!”


    The little “ranetka,” the 22-year-old Nutu, almost ruined the housing problem. During the tour she bought a house in Moscow, but to make repairs did not have enough money. “About fifteen years ago, we even appealed to the “Battle of psychics” – shares with “StarHit” Anya Baidavletov. – Psychics Marilyn Kerro and Aza Petrenko, while very helpful – took damage”. Nuti has a blog and the program “Vkontakte live” on channel U.
    Musicbox, the guests which were Nyusha, Anita Tsoy, Anna Khilkevich and others. So it finally worked on the repair: “Now there are working masters, so my mom and housing remove. I hope by the end of fall everything will be ready.”