Королева Елизавета II серьезно больна The head of the British monarchy for nearly two weeks does not appear in public. Queen Elizabeth II, celebrated last year the 90th anniversary for the first time in a long time, miss the traditional Christmas service in Sandringham. Citizens concerned for the health of the head of the throne.

      Королева Елизавета II серьезно больна

      The elderly ruling monarhine in the world, 90-year-old Queen Elizabeth II, battled a bad cold. The disease struck active and energetic lady, who is in old age. Due to serious health problems, Queen of great Britain twelve days, did not appear in public. Doctors put the elderly woman on bed rest and not allowed to get out of bed.

      As reported in the official statement from Buckingham Palace, due to illness Queen Elizabeth II is forced to skip the traditional Christmas service at Church in Sandringham.

      “Today her Majesty is not present at the Sunday service in Sandringham. Until she feels ready to visit the Church because restored after suffering heavy colds,” the statement says Buckingham Palace released the first day of the new year.

      It is emphasized that the absence of Elizabeth II in the service dictated only by the precautions that she suddenly became worse. She had missed the Christmas service that was the first time in the last twenty-eight years.

      It is reported that a strong cold recently suffered husband of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. However, he managed to visit the Christmas and new year service.

      It is not excluded that the deterioration of health of the head of the British throne could influence the tragic circumstances prevailing in the Royal family shortly before Christmas. In the family of Queen Elizabeth II was a misfortune

      Lost child, the eldest granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II daughter Princess Anne, a 35-year-old Zara Phillips. The unborn baby was to be the second baby of Zara Phillips and her husband, the former captain of the England Rugby Mike Tindall. The couple have adored their daughter MIA grace Tindall.

      Zara was supposed to be a double mother in the spring of this year. That Elizabeth II becomes great-grandmother for the sixth time, was officially confirmed in late November of last year. But as it turned out, a happy event to occur not meant to be. The loss of the baby was an ordeal for Zara Phillips, her husband Mike Tindall and the entire Royal family.