Bozena of Rynska will fight for the right to live in Russia

Божена Рынска будет бороться за право жить в России

Bozhena Rynska because of his careless words began to shake hands with in the national secular society. The reason for this was the comment of the journalist of the crash, which occurred on New year

Most of the national stars took post Ryńskie hostility, and Maxim Fadeev, and all were urged to sign a petition to Bozhenov expelled from the country and deprived the Russian citizenship.

But to surrender under the pressure of society the journalist is not going to.

As she says, to leave Russia she wants and is not going: “I just felt jubilation from the fact that people who nearly killed me, have gone to hell. I have experienced the triumph, poured out his emotions, well, rushed to write the province over bumps […]I don’t want to leave. I want to fight. After the persecution of NTV, I very much hardened. Can I declare a hunger strike, I am not subject to any subscription on his own recognizance or house arrest. I do not recognize their court.”

Bozena notes that she had already consulted lawyers about his post and the presence at least of hint of a criminal case: “They say that in my post there is no hint of a criminal case. In our country is not an offence if the person enjoys the death of any other person. To call for death do not. But to rejoice in the death of an enemy is my constitutional right“.

Recall, after the crash of Tu-154 on page Bozena Rynska there was a post the following content: “Stand up, and now this. All Alexandrov ensemble…. all! – she wrote. – There would be the whole Board NTV… why are the musicians?! Why a wonderful ensemble? Thank you God for a bonus in the form of the crew of Ntwork, but the rest-why?..”