Петр Федоров приударил за Светланой Ходченковой The actor turned mixed duet. Peter Fedorov and Svetlana Khodchenkova who played a major role in the new comic series “Bitch”.

      Петр Федоров приударил за Светланой Ходченковой
      Петр Федоров приударил за Светланой Ходченковой

      Svetlana Khodchenkova and Petr Fedorov was on one set. The actors have no one working shift side by side. How will shape relations of two stars, is still unknown. But now they tried on the roles of boss and subordinate. Khodchenkova and Fedorov started filming the new Comedy series “Bitch”.

      In the story the heroine Svetlana Sonia Bagretsova is a food Explorer, a popular Internet portal. In work and in life she is unsociable and austere. Surrounding cause she only acute bouts of irritation. However, there is one method that can make Sonia the most cheerful and open person in the world – literally one drop of alcohol. Knowing about it, she tries to avoid big companies and otvyaznyh parties. As it turns out, in every rule there are exceptions. Just one glass of wine, which the heroine Khodchenkova allows himself at the opening of the restaurant, literally puts her life on its head. The next morning Sonia finds that the night got a lover. It is none other than her boss Cyril, played by Pyotr Fyodorov.

      Петр Федоров приударил за Светланой Ходченковой

      Interestingly, one of the main roles in this show will be performed by the heroine of the sensational music video to “Exhibit” the group “Leningrad”. Girl “louboutins”, as called Yulia Topolnicky in the Network, will play a talkative manicurist Nelyu. Her partner will be Alexander Pahl in the form of a taxi driver Vova. By the way, Nely lot in common with the heroine of the music video for “Leningrad”.

      “Neli is also no money for the expensive brands, so she buys what she can afford. Personally, I think her wardrobe vulgar as clothes of my heroine from the clip. But, unlike that character, Nelly is not arrogant – rather, open and naive. She really delights in everything that happens in her life, and in this sense we look alike,” said Topolnica.

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