Опубликован список самых зловонных звезд Голливуда

Recently in the Network has published a rating, become part of which would be embarrassing for anyone. We see a list of the most fetid of Hollywood stars, both men and women.

Compilers of the list are “walked” by the most famous personalities of the cinema, among which were Jennifer Lawrence, Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, Shia LaBeouf, johnny Depp, etc.

So, the first of whom is the ranking, was actor Mickey Rourke. About unpleasant-smelling partner on the film “Nine and a half weeks,” said at the time, even Kim Basinger, who admitted that she feels sick even when he is just near.

The most modest characteristic that she gave a colleague — “smelled like an ashtray”.

Behind Rourke in the list is a fan of public performances by Shia LaBeouf. Especially hard to try to imagine how shae is doing work, had his colleagues on the film “Fury” by David Ayer. For credibility send your character on screen (as it seemed the actor) he had to live by the laws of time shown in the film. Because Shia don’t come up with anything more brilliant than not showering for four months, which was carried out shooting. Don’t even want to imagine how unpleasant to be with LaBeouf on the site… I don’t want to think about it and his colleague brad pitt, which, by the way, not only the persecuted unpleasant odors.

Rumor has it that the ex-girlfriend of actor Angelina Jolie have also been the “aroma of Paradise” and she often smelled something unpleasant. According to insiders, “Angie is so bad breath that pitt, once gave her a packet of mint candies for Valentine’s Day”. And indeed constantly on this topic sneered. Bad breath can boast a number of celebrities, including Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lawrence, Britney Spears, johnny Depp, Hugh Grant, Jessica Simpson. Note that the last of us is struck by the statement that she is uncomfortable with too slippery teeth.