Дети герцогини Кэтрин с рождения изучают несколько языков

Star parents in the education of their kids have long used the practice to employ as nurses with native speakers of a foreign language. For example, children are Russian-speaking family raising person who speaks good English or Italian. Try to apply this practice to their children is decided by the Dukes of Cambridge and as it turned out, they got it very successfully.

Royal offspring, who have already surpassed the popularity of their parents speak Spanish. Little George began to teach a foreign language when he was seven months, and Charlotte heard the speech in Spanish from the first days of his life.

The fact that in March 2014, the parents hired son’s new nanny, Maria Borrallo, a Spaniard by birth, one of whose tasks was the training of the wards of its native language. The nanny took the place of the Jessie Webb is 71-year-old nurse, who was engaged in raising a little Prince William.

Mary Borello conquered monarchs not only language proficiency, and education. The woman passed special training at the prestigious British College for nannies in Norland.

I will assume that Spanish is only the beginning and more adult Prince George and Princess Charlotte will meet new languages and cultures.