Psychic: “Marriage Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and Vitalina — karmic!”

Экстрасенс: «Брак Армена Джигарханяна и Виталины — кармический!»
Shortly before his high-profile divorce artists specialist commented on his relationship with his wife.

Экстрасенс: «Брак Армена Джигарханяна и Виталины — кармический!»

Natalia Vorotnikova

Photo: Mikhail Klyuyev

In the midst of
the scandalous divorce trial of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and Vitalina
Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya hard to believe that less than two years ago, they
took a gift beautiful bouquets, from the comfort of the Registrar. Immediately after
marriage to the legendary artist famous astrologer, winner of the “Battle
of psychics” Natalia Vorotnikova gave an optimistic forecast for how
to develop further life “married”.

“When I look at Armen Borisovich, I know it
human is important in life — creativity and work — said the psychic.
Is much more important than any woman. Although I see that the attention of any one of his wives
was not deprived. He loved them all, but each in their own way. To provide and
to protect the family he considers his debt, this man was brought up. Dzhigarkhanyan of
those men who are always eager and able to create for the woman he loved the comfort
and comfort. I don’t see at least one of the spouse of the actor in something needed
while near him. Such as Armen Borisovich, I think that a woman has
the right to be flighty and capricious, and the man must be intelligent and calm.
It is this family model was the norm for him until fifteen years ago, he was not
met Vitalinu.

Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya wedding day. February 2016

Photo: Philip Goncharov

It turned out that this woman is able
to devote herself to her husband. Is this the type of women who love to take care of, and if
close people appreciate them, admire them and don’t forget to say
“Thank you!” — greater happiness and they do not. Vitalina sincerely loves her
husband. Often in love there’s a limit, there is a habit and saturation. Here
there is nothing like this. For example, it really is the best in the world
man, she’s with him really happy, he is her idol. I see: Vitalina
did everything to be with Armen Borisovich. She tries to understand
around and help him. Dzhigarkhanyan sure that his last wife is
reward. And he’s right. Fans who start to live with the object of his
adoration, as a rule, quickly disappointed in him. Screen image never
coincides with a real person. Here is an amazing story: Vitalina anyone
not listening, no one will be able to change her own opinion. And she never
be disappointed in her husband as he is in it. Although, of course,
there was not such a blind love. Moreover, sometimes too caring and soft
a woman can be annoying. Sometimes in a relationship someone is trying to smooth things over
corners, to avoid scandal, and here is nothing to cling to, so Vitalina
compliant. It concentrated and softness, and thrift, and desire to take care
my beloved man, to care about him as a child. We must pay tribute
.: He is never Intrusive and was always honest with her. However, as
honest he was with his previous women. Despite the difference in
age, their marriage a lot of positive sides, and this is no accident. I see that
marriage Vitalina and Armen Borisovich — karmic, they had met in the past
incarnations. Their energy is the same, their souls are intertwined into a single entity,
the branches of the tree. Meeting in one time again, they managed to overcome the only
external fault — the age difference — and now happy.”