Провокационное видео с Дмитрием Дибровым вызвало споры в Сети The controversial video has caused a great resonance among the Network users. Dmitry Dibrov dramatically expressed in the comment of one of the users. TV presenter literally got mad.

      Провокационное видео с Дмитрием Дибровым вызвало споры в Сети

      Known TV presenter Dmitry Dibrov, who now leads the intellectual “Who wants to be a millionaire”, during the broadcast on the social network Periscope succumbed to the monstrous provocation that caused a real scandal. Popular journalist literally erupted with anger when one of the users left a bad review for him. Receiving a message with the words “you have made the USSR”, the man literally flipped out. Dmitri did not mince words and was really angry left him a comment. Dmitry Dibrov considered offensive these words are, and therefore simply could not remain silent. The presenter is convinced that man, left him this comment, decided to provoke, and he succeeded.

      I must say, later recording of this broadcast was posted online, then hundreds of people began to discuss this unfortunate incident. The video was watched by more than 130 thousand people, and in the comments broke out a real verbal battle between those who are nostalgic of the Soviet Union and those who always opposed the ranks.

      Interestingly, Dmitry cooled down pretty quickly after the outburst and continued the conversation in a more relaxed manner. Some suspected that this record was forged by ill-wishers. However, we should not forget that broadcast in the “Periscope” being online, but to see her and to ask the question, can any user of a social network.

      Many people know that Dmitri Dibrov is very intellectual and can boast of high erudition. His wife Pauline admitted that adored her husband wants her too constantly acquire new knowledge. He works to ensure that his wife read a lot, studied, something that previously was not known to her, and, in General, is constantly evolving. For Polina such care is very pleasant, as a young mother it is important to stay interesting for her husband.

      We will remind that Dmitry Dibrov and his wife Polina is a young mother of three sons. Anchorman is one of the most exemplary family men. He is doing everything for their loved ones. So, celebrity doted in 26-year-old wife – he completely freed her from the burden of household chores, entrusting everything in the hands of professionals. Dmitri hired a staff of employees who care about everything related to life. Dibrov in an interview said that the household chores can cause quarrels between spouses. Moreover, he wanted all the girls to choose more promising men as suitors.

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