Galina Bob gave his son a Grand celebration. PHOTO

Галина Боб подарила сыну грандиозный праздник. ФОТО Little Leo took the first steps on the celebration on the occasion of his birthday. The baby surprised the parents and the assembled guests and expressed his enthusiasm for what is happening.

      Галина Боб подарила сыну грандиозный праздник. ФОТО

      Galina Bob, the actress of theatre. City Council and the star of the series Deffchonki and Director Sergei Koryagin were married on 1 October 2014 and 20 March 2015 Galina gave her husband a son Levu. A year later the happy parents celebrate the first birthday of their baby and wonder how fast time passes.

      The celebration on the occasion of the birthday of the little leva actress Galina Bob and her husband Sergei Koryagin was prepared long before this auspicious date. Cake, gifts, costume for the birthday – everything was ready in advance and waited for their time to Shine.

      Originally to celebrate the first birthday of the son of Galya and Sergey decided at home, without fuss and prying eyes, but with the same fun that always accompanies the life of this family. However, in the morning, the day was set for celebration, it became clear that those wishing to congratulate the birthday boy is going too much, and the apartment Gali and Sergei all just not together. “I ran all the closest children’s cafes and restaurants, just a matter of hours organized a Banquet, hall, decoration. Wish that children and adults feel comfortable,” says Galya. As a result, the festival was held in a cozy cafe “Anderson”.

      Галина Боб подарила сыну грандиозный праздник. ФОТО

      To congratulate the happy parents and baby came numerous relatives and friends. “We invited the relatives. A narrow circle of people who are always there,” – says the boy’s father, Sergey. After the ceremony of presenting gifts and kisses in the room made a huge cake, which left no one indifferent. The confectionery masterpiece was made based on the cartoon “the lion King”, with numerous action figures and themed inscriptions. Mom and dad helped the birthday boy blow out his first candle.

      Галина Боб подарила сыну грандиозный праздник. ФОТО

      “The whole evening the children carry on the children’s floor, played, laughed, they were entertained by animators. But at one point there was all the adults! We like crazy rushed among toys, pillow fight and all accompanied by the happy shrieks and laughter of children. A real holiday of childhood”,- shared his delight the star of the series “Deffchonki”.

      Happy mom all night didn’t release his son from his hands, and at the end congratulated him, singing the song of Elton John from the movie “the lion King” Can you feel the love tonight.But no surprises for the parents in the evening has not been

      “Of course, the most important gift he gave us himself Lev – the day before his Birthday he made the first steps. I cried from happiness! It’s indescribable the emotions that definitely remain in the memory for a lifetime. Here and tell the creeps,” smiles Galina.

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