Прохор Шаляпин резвится на волнах в компании незнакомки The artist’s having a great time in the Bahamas. Prokhor Chaliapin decided to change the situation and flew away in a hot country. The man did not tell who went on the resort, even more than intrigued fans.

      Prokhor Chaliapin decided in the midst of winter, to plunge into the real summer, and went to bask under the sun in the Bahamas. The graduate of “factory of stars” serenely spends time enjoying the beautiful weather, plenty of floats and indulging in different delicacies. However, fans alerted the photograph, which the singer depicted herself with a charming stranger. Together they are in the water in each other’s arms.

      Chaliapin did not explain anything to his fans, even more than podogrel interest in what the girl is with him on vacation. Members were delighted that, probably, Prokhorov had an affair with a new girl.

      “What’s this? A miracle happened? You look great, Prokhor! A pleasant holiday to you, our many dear Prokhor. Enjoy and don’t deny yourself anything! Just come back, we look forward to your performance of Russian folk songs. Dear and beloved Prokhor”, “the Girl is pretty, looks natural. Not tainted injections “beauty”! Keep it u! Naturalness is in fashion,” praised the choice of the artist fans.

      However, all doubts were dispelled by the girl herself. As it turned out, Olga met with Chaliapin on vacation, and did not miss the opportunity to capture a celebrity. “That moment when you meet in the Bahamas a few Russian people, and one of them was Prokhorov”, – she wrote in microblogging.

      Not so long ago, Chaliapin appealed for help to find a bride in the “Let them talk”. The man met with the candidates for his hand and heart, who came not only from across the country, but even from abroad. On the transfer of Andrei Malakhov came and mom prochor Elena Ivanovna, who expressed his opinion about brides. It would prefer a girl from England and 23-year-old Muscovite. Prokhor Chaliapin met with brides in “Let them talk”

      However, the Chaliapin announced that it has identified several candidates. “I like here are four girls with whom I would like to go on vacation,” concluded the West, but did not specify who exactly drew his attention.

      Apparently, the artist did not take to this time no one from any of the ladies, which for the sake of meeting with him in the Studio “Let them talk” has covered thousands of kilometers.