Прохор Шаляпин шокировал поклонников неожиданным решением
The artist intends to adopt a child of Anna Kalashnikova.

Prokhor Chaliapin

Photo: @p_shalyapin Instagram Prokhor Chaliapin

The story with the scandal,
associated with the paternity of Prokhor Chaliapin took a new twist. Artist
has stated that it intends to adopt a child Anna Kalashnikova, Daniel, because
he his very sorry. According to Prokhorov, he has plans to protect the boy from
the extra media attention.

This became known
the very next day, after the screens of the viewers came the release
transfer “Let speak”, the main character who was a former bride
Chaliapin, Anna. In the program of the Kalashnikov confessed: she knew that the paternity of Prokhorov is a big question. Moreover, Anna claimed that the singer knew about this too. After another scandal erupted around the pair, with
the artist was approached by the reporters of the famous publication, which Prokhorov and shared
unexpected plans for the future. It turned out that Chaliapin said: Kalashnikov
specially played in front of an audience “performance”. Moreover, he argues,
that Anna supposedly had been associated with him on the phone in order to discuss
future “scenarios” of the behavior in public. According to him, Daniel, in
the situation, simply no deal, as Anna “does not need this unfortunate
baby.” But he, in turn, had long dreamed about family and children, so that Chaliapin
not against to adopt Daniel.

About whether or not
Prokhorov had made such a desperate step or this was said in the heat of the moment now
it is difficult to judge. But many fans of the artist responded very positively to this
the turn of events.

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