Кети Топурия рассказала про конфликты в семье
The soloist of the group “A-Studio” confessed how her life has changed after marriage.

Keti Topuria with her husband Lev Gamanam

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

As it turned out, conflicts
in the relationship is not bypassed even such a harmonious couple, as Katie Topuria and Lev gaykhman. The soloist of the group “A-Studio” frankly told him how
they often quarrel with her husband and why she never improves her husband’s voice.

It so happened that most of my friends Topuria and gaykhman referred to them as “the perfect couple”. The fact that
seven years of relationship Kathy and Leo almost did not fight among themselves. And even
if this happened, the whole fight lasted only a few moments. It Turns Out, Topuria,
also, like her husband, by nature a very calm person. And she’s just not
sees no sense in fighting with the person with whom you live under one roof.

Incidentally, even after
weddings and the birth of a daughter — Olivia, the couple managed to keep the romance
relations. In recognition of Katie, her husband regularly spoils her with nice surprises and
flowers. The most touching that until in the life of his beloved Lion, he
first not gave the girls bouquets. Katie was his real Muse
which to this day inspires him to romantic actions.

Recall that recently
Katie first showed his 11-month-old daughter Olivia. The girl was born in America, where the singer with the spouse has arrived in advance.

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