Прохор Шаляпин и Лариса Копенкина снова вместе Former spouses will have my own show on NTV channel. Prokhor Chaliapin and Larissa Kopenkina will have some heroes who have faced some problems in his personal life.

      Прохор Шаляпин и Лариса Копенкина снова вместе

      The controversial pair of tossed spicy news about himself quite often. The Internet was full of pictures: here Larisa and Prochorus buy a house, but their wedding, relaxing on the beach. When 30-year-old Chaliapin and Kopenkina, which at that time was 57, divorced because of a new sweetheart of the artist Anna Kalashnikova, for they are sincerely worried about the whole country. It would seem that after a treacherous betrayal, a woman will never forgive ex-spouse. However, soon we will see them together again – on his own show on NTV.

      “She is a wise woman. She had long forgiven Prokhorov – says the “StarHit” friend Kopenkina angelina. – And when they last month was invited to lead a program on the Federal channel, they unanimously answered “Yes.” A great opportunity to finally prove myself in the role of entertainer! Larissa, well, it’s new. She had not thought to link the future with the TV – still works in real estate Agency, it succeeds in its endeavours. But fate threw a chance, and they need to use it.”

      The talk show which invited the pair to be similar to personalimage “Male/Female”. Prokhor and Larissa will invite to the Studio heroes, including star, which something did not happen in his personal life.

      “They will share their experience, tips on how to survive the conflicts, disorders, to glue the broken Cup – I say “StarHit” on TV. – Each side will give recommendations. In addition, the screen will appear the experts and the audience – they will also tell their candid story.”

      When the program will be broadcast is not yet known. Next week the fate of the hour show will decide the top management of the channel.