Leonardo DiCaprio sells house for second week

Леонардо Ди Каприо продает второй особняк за неделю

Johnny Depp has decided to remove five of penthouses, which are in his possession.

To achieve such a measure of his colleagues intend to Leonardo DiCaprio. Last week it became known that the star of “Titanic” has exposed on sale the house located on the so-called “billionaires Beach”. By the way, the estate was purchased on a fee for shooting the movie by James Cameron.
Now, DiCaprio has announced that it sold another house.

The Western tabloid TMZ, the star wants to get for their home, located in Los Angeles, $2,395 million, which is almost half a million more than the amount for which the actor once bought a mansion.

So funny for Hollywood amount for the house due to the fact that it is a modest building in vintage style. The house is no different in some fanciful design or expensive finishing techniques, etc. the house has five bedrooms, three bathrooms.

Note that the sold property, on the street, Oscar-winning actor will remain. DiCaprio is rich Pinocchio, who in addition to these there are six more properties.