Producer Soso Pavliashvili was severely beaten in Moscow

Продюсера Сосо Павлиашвили жестоко избили в Москве George Gabulova almost died in a street fight. Godson and part-time assistant Soso Pavliashvili was attacked in Moscow during a visit to friends. The young man attacked a neighbor, armed with a knife and traumatic gun.

Soso Pavliashvili rarely get in scandalous situations. The singer has an impeccable reputation and never participate in a variety of conflicts. But producer artist George Gabulova recently almost say goodbye to life. A man was attacked in Moscow.

According to George, he was staying in the apartment at his friends with his young wife. In Moscow, the producer came to work and to go to Tbilisi immediately possle shots. However, unruly neighbors made adjustments to the plans of the godson of the famous musician. Gabeleva ostanovilsya in a communal apartment, but his appearance did not suit the violent inhabitant of the room next to it.

A man in a few days otherwise harm a young family, why they decided to move out. When the suitcases were already immersed in the car, a neighbor ran outside followed by George and his beloved.

“Nothing boded ill. I even thought that the neighbor wants to apologize, but he suddenly got into a fight. He had a traumatic pistol and a knife. George was almost stabbed, edged weapons at the last moment it dropped from the hands of the attacker,” said Inga, the wife of the producer.

According to the wife of George, her husband was severely beaten in the face. The fight barely managed to stop, and postradavshim urgently had to go to the doctors. After the man was diagnosed with a broken jaw and nose. Also, the producer Pavliashvili received three bullet wounds from a traumatic gun. Now, however, godson of the artist is not in danger.

“Two injuries occurred in the stomach, and one in the side. One bullet has got in hospital where they had surgery. In the coming days, the surgeons will try to put a face George in order. Operations officer, arrived on the scene. just had a nice chat with the attackers. Now he and his friend are still there in the apartment. We incline to the truce. but we decided to go to the end. Already addressed in the CSS with the complaint and the inaction of the police,” – said Inga.

George Gabulova is quite a popular producer. He worked on the clips for earrings, Feathered and Irakli Pirtskhalava. While Soso Pavliashvili has not commented on the scandalous situation with his godson. According to “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, the victim a young man is now in one of hospitals of Moscow.