Принц Уильям рассказал о своих чувствах спустя 20 лет после трагической смерти мамы

After his younger brother Prince Harry, who shared his emotions about the death of Princess Diana, the revelation was solved and Prince William.

Did this monarch in the children’s Center on issues of bereavement, where recently arrived with his wife Kate Middleton to support children who have experienced similar grief.

Particularly strong William was impressed by the story of a boy named Shinobi. The child told that for three years he was left by grandma and godmother and admitted that through this grief to him was extremely difficult.

The mother of Shinobi, Lorna island, was grateful to the Prince for a Frank conversation, and told reporters that such support is needed, her son and all children who have experienced tragic loss.

“He said Shinobi, when his mother died, he was 15 and he was very angry at all. It was difficult to talk about it with anyone, and it’s hard to think about it”, — said the boy’s mother to the press.

Note that at the time of the death of Princess Diana in a car crash Prince William was 15 years old. This event was a big blow for him, from which the heir to the British throne has not recovered until now.

We will remind, the brother of William Harry talked about the fact that for a long time after the death of his mother he hid his head in the sand: “Now I treat life very differently than before. I hid my head in the sand and let everything around us go to pieces. When my mother died I was very young and resent their status. Now I have so much energy and fuse that, on the contrary, I’m happy to be part of the Royal family because it gives me the opportunity to change the world around you”,