Candice Swanepoel showed a figure in a bikini three months after giving birth

Кэндис Свейнпол показала фигуру в бикини через три месяца после родов

Three months ago there was the most joyful event in the life of supermodel candice Swanepoel. She became a mother. The model gave birth to a son, who was named Anak. To hide the child from the public candice did not think it necessary, because almost immediately after birth it showed a child’s world. Throughout this time Swanepoel have made several times in network publishing, is devoted to the child, its the same photo postpartum period, she preferred not to publish. And now, in 2017, Candace finally showed how after pregnancy changed her figure.

It seems that Swanepoel was not at all in an interesting position – she was slim, so it remained.

Кэндис Свейнпол показала фигуру в бикини через три месяца после родов

By the way, kid ANASA already noticeably grown. In the photo the little man saves seriousness and equanimity. Model fans agree that the child is very like his father. But in the future the situation may change.

Recall, shortly after the birth of first-born candice Swanepoel has joined the ranks of star mothers who urge not to be ashamed of breastfeeding in public.

“Many women today are embarrassed to feed in public, there were times that they even expelled for it. I am totally relaxed when photographed Topless for the cover, and when feeding, cover the chest and feel uncomfortable is wrong, wrote 28-year-old model in Instagram. – The public did not care, when did the sexualization of the breast, when the TV shows the violence…So why breastfeeding should be any different? Breastfeeding is not an erotic process in any way. Those who think to feed her baby in public areas is not allowed, let him study all the intricacies of this process.”