Принс оставил золотых слитков на $840 тыс.

Almost a year after the death of the legendary singer Prince was the assessment of his property. According to the results of the inventory, it became known that in the personal possession of the musician were 67 gold bars with a total value of 840 thousand dollars.

But this is the material condition of the artist is not limited. In the accounts of four companies Prince — Paisley Park Enterprises Inc.,NPG Records Inc., NPG Music Publishing and LotusFlow3r — there were about 6 million at the time of his death. Only the Prince belonged to 25,4 million dollars.

Note that the will of the musician did not leave, because his property will be distributed according to the hereditary line.

We will remind, the American musician Prince, died 21 April 2016. According to the autopsy report named the cause of death was accidental overdose of fentanyl, a powerful analgesic that it was used to relieve severe pain in the hip joint that had been tormenting him for many years. A week before the death of the Prince could not sleep, which only worsened his condition.

Worldwide sold more than 100 million copies of his albums. Prince — the winner of seven Grammy awards, awards “Oscar” and “Golden globe”. In 2004, the name of the Prince was placed in the Hall of fame rock-n-roll.