Prince Harry took his bride to a romantic trip

Принц Гарри увез свою невесту в романтическое путешествие
The younger brother of William and his beloved are traveling economy class!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


On the eve of the New year, the Prince
Harry with his bride Meghan Markle left the U.K. to meet
holiday on the French Riviera. On
the shore they were met by a reinforced unit Service de la Protection – special units
designed for the protection of important foreign guests, who conducted them to
leased VIP Villa. Its exact location is not reported.
But the most remarkable thing in
this story is that, as witnessed passengers caught up with Harry and
Megan in the same plane, the Prince and his bride not only used the regular airliner
carrying out regular flights on this line. They are, moreover, flew in the compartment of economy class,
on the ground near the toilet! The Prince and his bride took their seats in advance and
tried to do everything to attract attention to their persons as little as possible
attention. Both were in jeans, Gary in
pulled down over his eyes a baseball cap, and Megan – cap”beanie”. 3 of the accompanying bodyguard also
tried to be as inconspicuous…

For Harry and meagan, who announced their engagement in
the end of November, the Christmas journey is a wonderful opportunity to relax. Because soon they will begin preparing for
the wedding, scheduled for may 2018. We will remind: it is an event that must pass
at Windsor castle, caused an unusual stir among the British. After all, although
the wedding of Harry’s five months, as it became known,
all rooms at nearby hotels are already sold out in advance. Even in those
the hotels that are located five or more miles from Windsor castle,
there are very few empty seats. And prices, of course, much higher than